Why Tekmetric Is An Ideal Auto Repair Software For Shop Owners

Running an auto shop can be a very lucrative venture, and depending on how big the whole operation is, keeping everything in place and organized can prove to be a challenge. Having an auto repair software can be a great investment for auto shop owners who are looking to streamline their operations and to run things more smoothly.

Tekmetric – Created by Shop Owners

Enter Tekmetric, an auto repair software created by Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri and launched in March of 2015. When talking about Tekmetric, the two creators noted that their product is the result of necessity, given the fact that they were not able to find a solution that fit their needs when it came to a shop management system. Tekmetric is a product that resulted from their combined 20 years of experience and fist-hand knowledge in regards to managing an auto repair shop.

Prasanth Chilukuri noted that they were frustrated with having to pay for a number of systems that did not work well together, such as a shop management software, digital vehicle inspections, text-messaging capabilities, add-ons, etc. The creator pointed out that often timers having all of these different solutions would add up to large expenses every month. That’s where Tekmetric enter the picture, being built as a way to provide all the systems necessary into one auto repair software and at a fraction of the cost.

Easy to Use

Tekmetric has been built as an easy to use solution for auto shop owners. The program is stored in the cloud, meaning that it is possible to use it for more than one shop, using a simple account to log in. After the account is created, it only becomes a matter of customizing the auto repair software in order to fit the needs and preferences of shop owners.

The co-founder of the company, Prasanth Chilukuri also noted that their mission was to design and to build an intuitive system that is easy to learn, powerful, and that will not nickel and dime the shop owner in order to gain access to more features. According to him, regardless of the level of experience that a shop owner has, they will be able to use Tekmetric right out of the box.

Benefits of using Tekmetric

Before you take into consideration the benefits that the software has to offer in regards to running the customer side of things, it should also be noted that Tekmetric comes with an employee portal. Before shop owners are able to take any orders or keeping the inventory in check, it’s important to make sure that they are able to manage their employees. Using Tekmetric will allow them to keep all the employee information into a single place – this includes overtime, tax information, and also days off.

Next comes the benefit of keeping track of repair orders, which is crucial for an auto shop. Letting repair orders pile up and not keeping everything organized and prioritized can end up being overwhelming. Tekmetric will allow owners to stay on top of orders and remain up to date on everything. The auto repair software also allows for proper inventory management, enabling the owners to keep track of every item that is part of the shop’s inventory and to re-order parts when they are necessary.

Other benefits include being able to provide paperless estimating, invoicing and authorization, connecting to the local DMV in order to turn the auto shop into a digital vehicle inspection station, and keep track of customers. Having a customer database can not only help keep them informed about what the situation is with their order – thus improving customer experience – but will also help retain customers.

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